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Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.


We are passionate when it comes to helping our clients succeed online. Whether through web design, social media marketing, or graphics. We can help your business stand out!

Value Driven

Most web design companies out there charge a ridiculous amount to design a website. At SJ Ideal Designs we know you’re trying to make your company succeed and we work with you to make sure the costs fit your company’s budget.


Our work not only helps your business, but reflects on us as well. So we make sure we put 110% into each job. In return we have happy clients and a striving business!


One of the key traits our company values is honesty. When we do business with you, you can always expect us to be upfront and honest about everything. No hidden fees, no half jobs, and no hassle.

Detail Oriented

When it comes to graphics, social media marketing, or web design ever detail counts. Whether it be us designing the layout of your website or something simple as changing font size. It all matters to us!


When you hire us you not only become a client, but you become a part of the team. We constantly keep you in the loop to discuss the progress, design, and strategies we have planned for your business.
A Strategy Only a General Can Envision

Your ideal website starts with a one-on-one consultation with a team of experts. Our top designers will help to create your website from the details of graphics to the content on each page watching your visions come to life. We finish each design process with an overview and presentation of what has been conducted to ensure satisfaction of the service. During this final overview we will go over the best possible ways to then promote your business from a social media marketing stand point. This is how your company will establish a connection with your target markets and community, overall resulting in more business.

The Moral Behind Our Story

SJ Ideal Desings is the product of a creative business woman and a nerdy computer guy trying to help businesses do better in a technology advancing world. We grew up with the principals of honesty, hard-work, and dedication and we expect nothing less from our business. When it comes to business we keep that sense of professionalism, but also create relationships that last. We are not only in it for the money, but we find joy in maintaining great customer relationships.

The Key to Success is Swiftness

When it comes to your business, planning is a huge step to make sure every detail is accounted for. Whether it be your website, marketing, or graphic design, we make sure it’s done right the first time. We make sure to queue you in every step of the way to not only show you what is going on, but to make sure you’re happy with the product or service. To start the planning process with us send us a message through our contact page!

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